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adidas NMD Signature Lanyard V1

$ 15.00 USD

First-come, first served basis || Extremely limited quantities!

Introducing you the OG NMD Signature lanyards!

The exclusive and beautiful design of the pull tabs from the phenomenally popular adidas NMD sneakers is now available in the form of a lanyard. These lanyards are the very first and original release, followed by the subsequent popular adidas NMD Signature Lanyards V2!

Description -

  • Black
  • Signature adidas NMD letterings
  • Width 2.5 cm

You should get it if you're a:
• Hypebeast 😈
• Sneakerhead 👟
• Pro-adidas 🕶
to spread your love for shoes around.

Why should you buy?:
• Limited Edition (One of a kind)
• Quality Lanyards (Not cheaply made lanyards)
• Affordable
• Eye-catching
• NMD Lovers/Sneakerhead

These individually custom-made lanyards are also useful for employees and students who often have access cards to carry around. On top of that, you can also use it as an accessory by clipping it onto your belt loops for that unique look.
👔| 🎓

  1. Add-On Special: You can choose to add-on for adidas "This Way Up" accessory (last picture), and you will get: (1) Lanyard + (1) This Way Up Accessory


  • Price excludes worldwide shipping
  • Photos are for illustration purposes only
  • Does not come with a card case

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