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adidas NMD Bracelet

$ 12.00 USD

After much demand for the adidas NMD Bracelet worldwide, Coflaitte is proud to release the adidas NMD Bracelets to the general public! (Previous release was invite-only) Wearing these bracelets on your wrist will surely make you stand out from the crowd! 

Currently available in:

  • Classic Black


We have 2 sizes available:

  • Size 16cm. Fits 14-16cm wrists.
  • M Size: 18cm. Fits 16.5cm to 18cm wrists.
  • Custom Size (please contact us)

Wrists over 18cm will be unable to fit into this bracelet.

*If you have a specific measurement you want to make, please let us know when you place your order.

*Please measure your wrist accurately, to make sure you fit before purchasing*


  • Black
  • Signature adidas NMD letterings
  • Width 2 cm

You should get it if you're a:

  • Hypebeast 😈
  • Sneakerhead 👟
  • Pro-adidas 🕶

Why should you buy?:

  • Limited Edition (One of a kind)
  • Quality Bracelet (Not cheaply made)
  • Affordable
  • Eye-Catching
  • NMD Lovers/Sneakerheads
  • Fashionable


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  • Photos are for illustration purposes only

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